Stone carving detail at St. Vigeans, Angus

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The Digital Library is a collection of digitised publications, film clips, audiofiles, podcasts and other digital resources relating to the conservation and maintenance of the built heritage and traditional buildings. Our aim is to provide a range of good quality information freely available.

In addition to copies of our own publications, you will also find a digital selection of historic books, trade catalogues and other historic printed material, many of which are now out of print or are last known copies.

These resources can be used for a wide range of research by homeowners, practitioners, academics and those involved in skilled trades.

You can browse through the categories below or use the Advanced Search feature at the right side of this page.

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Building Management
Caring for traditional buildings

Traditional Materials
Dry stone construction
Working with and understanding materials

Traditional Structures
Information on Scotland’s traditional buildings

Video Archive
Video archive of traditional building skills.


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