Traditional Building Health Check Scheme

The Traditional Buildings Health Check Scheme is a five-year pilot project to promote proactive building maintenance in Stirling and is open to owners of all pre-1919 traditional buildings within the Stirling City boundary.  The pilot (which started on the 1st April 2013 and runs until March 2018) is being project managed by Stirling City Heritage Trust in partnership with Historic Scotland and with support from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

The scheme offers members an impartial, regular and affordable building fabric inspection service. Members pay an initial annual membership fee (from £22 to £45 depending on the property) which gives them access to a subsidised building survey service carried out by building inspectors who have expertise in traditional buildings. To find out more, visit

Over the past year, Historic Scotland has also been running a number of training events for building contractors and professionals in Stirling to help increase the pool of traditional skills and knowledge available to building owners in Stirling.


Historic Scotland hosted the Stimulating Demand for Traditional Skills Summit in November 2012. At the event, Cabinet Secretary Ms Fiona Hyslop MSP, highlighted the need for more proactive repair and maintenance of Scottish traditional buildings, which add up to a staggering 19% of Scotland’s building stock. Research carried out by Historic Scotland suggests that 75% of those buildings show disrepair and 53% are in urgent need of repair. Ms Hyslop took the opportunity to announce at this event that Historic Scotland would launch A Traditional Building Health Check scheme.

For more information about the supporting literature, please see the links below to the Evidence Paper Summary Report and the Executive Summary Report from Stirling City Heritage Trust. If you would like more information about this scheme please visit or contact Ali Davey.

A Scottish monument watch - A report from Stirling City Heritage Trust which highlights the benefits of introducing a proactive maintenance scheme for traditional buildings.  

A Scottish Monument Watch – Full report [PDF, 4.23MB]

A Scottish Monument Watch – Report summary [PDF, 1.69MB]

Evidence report – this document is a summary of the data analysis carried out by Historic Scotland to provide evidence of the current need for proactive maintenance and repair of the traditional building stock in Scotland.

Establishing the Need for Traditional Skills [PDF, 677KB]


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