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We are currently not accepting any applications.

Training Grants Scheme

Our Training Grant aims to raise technical standards in the conservation, repair and maintenance of traditional buildings in Scotland. The focus is on supporting those involved in evaluating, specifying and undertaking works to building fabric to extend their knowledge and skills base. The grant scheme will cover attendance at short training courses and development initiatives only.

The grant scheme supports two areas :

  • Training and travel (the primary focus of the grant scheme)
  • Work placement for those already in employment

Grants are awarded subject to specific conditions and at our discretion up to a maximum of £1,000. All grant awards are subject to Historic Scotland conditions of grant. Only private sector bodies or individuals may apply, and commercial enterprises must have an annual turnover of less than £4 million per annum.

Training & Travel Grant

Grants are available to assist those involved in evaluating, specifying and undertaking works to building fabric in Scotland. These include attendance at conferences, seminars and short-term training courses.

Applicants for primary (Further or Higher Education) courses cannot be considered. Grants are normally at the level of 50% of the total estimated cost, including fees, travel and subsistence, up to a maximum of £1,000.

Work Placement Grant

Grants are available to contribute towards the travel costs of individuals participating in work placements (national and international) where the applicant can demonstrate a clear and lasting benefit to building conservation in Scotland. Funds for this are limited and only those applicants with a strong case will be considered.


(a) The grant scheme is open to anyone involved in evaluating, specifying and undertaking works to building fabric in Scotland.

(b) Applicants must be resident in Scotland.

(c) Applications cannot be accepted for attendance which has already taken place.


(a) Applicants should look at the Training Grant Background Information and The Training Grants Scheme as below and then complete the Application Form including details of the course or work exchange and a breakdown of the estimated costs, as well as a brief statement outlining its relevance to their work and the benefits to be gained from attendance or participation. A copy of the programme or details of the host company should be enclosed if applicable.

All applicants should give the names and addresses of two referees, and those who are not self-employed must have their application endorsed by their employer or supervisor.

(b) Applications should normally be submitted no later than a month prior to the beginning of the course, conference or work exchange; where possible, payment of the grant will be made in advance.


(a) Successful applicants must undertake to submit a short report on the course, conference or work exchange to Historic Scotland within four weeks of their return outlining the benefit of the participation. Delay in returning a report may jeopardise the applicant’s eligibility to receive further Historic Scotland grants.

(b) Any other reports submitted to an employer or for publication must acknowledge the support received from Historic Scotland.

Background Information

Training Grant (Background Information) [pdf, 75kb]
Training Grant (Scheme) [pdf, 25kb]

Application Form

Please note that we are currently not accepting any applications.

Training Grant Application Form [pdf, 50kb]

Further Information

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Conservation Group
Historic Scotland
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