Thermal scan of Rosslyn Chapel ceiling

Technology & Research

Ongoing technical and scientific research is crucial to safeguard Scotland’s resource of traditional buildings and contribute to sustainable development.

Historic Scotland works with a range of partners to undertake research covering a wide range of technical issues relating to materials, skills, technologies, conservation, and repair and maintenance issues.

Our research strategy and ongoing programme seeks to meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders (internal and external) and to build upon the significant technical research already available through our extensive publications. Research activities are designated under the following primary themes: Traditional materials, Traditional structures and components, Traditional building trades and skills, Energy efficiency in traditional buildings, Sustainability and embodied energy, Impacts of climate change, Facilities and building management functions and equipment, Evaluation of emerging technologies and techniques, Regulatory control.

Laser Scanning
Laser scan of Knockando Woolmill, Morayshire
How we benefit from this technology

EFFESUS Research

Energy efficiency for historic urban districts.


Current research
Research in technical conservation

Energy House
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Climate Change
View from Ring of Brodger, Orkney
The affects on the historic environment



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