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Property Repair & Maintenance Evening Event, Wednesday 22nd May

CATEGORY: Site Management
Technical Conservation
Building Management
Structures & Components

SOURCE: Historic Scotland
DATE: 26 April 2013

Property Repair & Maintenance Evening Event
Wednesday 22nd May 5:30pm - 7.30pm
Dalkeith Arts Centre, 2 White Hart St, Dalkeith EH22 1AE

By attending this event you will be able to:

- Find out the condition of your property
- Find out the process required to repair and maintain your property
- Learn what funding options are available to you
- Get tips on getting your neighbours together to carry out the works
- Speak with knowledgeable professionals who can start you off on the right track
- Pick up information/leaflets


• Jo Parry, Conservation Architect, Hypostyle Architects: The importance of repairing properties and advice on how to get started.
• Rodd Lugg, Dalkeith THI/CARS Project Manager, Midlothian Council: The experience of the Dalkeith THI/CARS grant scheme and advice to home owner.
• John McKinney, NFRC: The condition of Scotland’s homes.
• Alex Stark, Stone Federation: Identifying defective stonework & the process of its repair/replacement.
• John Laing, Edinburgh College: Construction and Building Crafts advice.
• Ali Davey, Historic Scotland: Advice on appropriate repair and maintenance, covering all key areas of your building and the HS Inform guides available to help.
• Simon Roberts, Scottish Government: Fundamental information on the Tenement Act, encouraging owners to work together with their neighbours.

Following the presentations there will be help desks available where people can ask questions or get further information/leaflets.

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