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Architectural Ironwork in Stornoway (Gaelic)

Front cover of Architectural Ironwork in Stornoway - Gaelic

CATEGORY: Site Management All Materials
AUTHOR: Historic Scotland
COST: 6.00

The stunning cast ironwork in Stornoway is one of the largest and best maintained examples of Victorian and Edwardian architectural ironwork in the country. It is the focus of this new publication which tells the story of the ironwork, its enormous popularity in the 19th century, and how it survived in Stornoway despite vanishing from much of Britain during World War II, when large amounts were removed for the war effort. The book has been produced in both English and Gaelic and has been put together following the work of Ali Davey, an Historic Scotland Research Fellow, who photographed and recorded much of Stornoway's ironwork in 2006.

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